Repair Shop


Love the Arts! Repair Shop offers general and extensive guitar and bass: setups, repairs, modifications, parts fabrication, basic paint touchup and refinishing in both nitrocellulose and urethane base / clear coat paints. Expert electronics circuit design, repair, modification, and fabrication are also available as well as metal plating restoration of small parts. We also offer a full range of Woodwind, Brass, Orchestra, and Band instrument repairs. Professional Piano Tuning, Repairs, Regulation, Voicing, Action Rebuilding, Restringing, and Evaluations.



General Repair Labor - $60 per hour

Bench Fee - $30 - Instrument Valuations, diagnostic, etc.


Restring - $9.99 and up


- fixed bridge and standard trem electrics or acoustic Guitar, Bass, Uke, Mandolin, Banjo, Violin, Viola, etc. - $9.99 w/purchase of strings

- Floating trem electric, Cello, Double Bass, etc. - $14.99 w/purchase of strings

 - Autoharp, multi-stringed instruments - General repair rate w/purchase of strings


add $6.99 with supplied strings


Guitar Setups - $60 and up


          Acoustic or Electric (no tremolo) - $60 +parts

- Restring

- Setup (clean, restring, intonation, minor adjustments)


Electric with Floating Tremolo - $80 +parts

- Restring

- Setup (clean, restring, intonation, minor adjustments)




  - Finish repair (dent, ding)

  - Stripping and refinishing in either nitrocellulose or urethane base / clear coat paints

  - Basic finishes and sunbursts


Electronics - Hourly labor rate plus parts


 - Modification of guitar electronics

 - Pickup replacement

 - Audio design and circuit fabrication for guitar electronics

 - Installing switches

 - Piezo transducers

 - Inventor of the "mustache" wiring harness for simplifying ground connections


Metal Plating - Hourly labor rate plus parts


 - Copper,  nickel, and chrome plating

 - Special effects plating


Violin, Viola


 - Restring - see restringing above

 - Bow Re-hair - $85 and up


Cello, Bass


 - Restring - see restringing above

 - Bow Re-hair - $100 and up




 - Valve Lapping - Hourly rate

 - Dent Removal - Hourly rate






            Flute & Piccolo




Consulting - Hourly Rate


            -Equipment, PA systems, Recording, Performing, etc.







Piano Services


- Tuning

- Moving

- General Repairs

- Regulation

- Voicing

- Action Rebuilding

- Restringing

- Evaluations for purchasing or selling


A440 Fine Tuning $95

Standard tuning for pianos that are within ~ 5% pitch range. Recommended every 6 months for a climate controlled home piano. Climate conditions mainly affect tuning stability.


Pitch Raise / Lower $45 - $65

Preparatory correction tuning for pianos beyond 5% pitch range. A radically out of tune piano may require two Pitch Adjustments ($65) before it can be tuned.

* This step often becomes necessary as a result of the extreme tension of each string, and any changes made beyond 5% affect the neighboring strings. Once again climate is the main reason for pitch changes.


Repairs & Regulation - hourly or as per quote

Above average speed for most repairs and regulation.

* examples: Broken hammer avg. $5 -10 dollars per hammer, regulate lost motion for 88 notes $20... Minor repairs or adjustments are included in the tuning cost. Extensive work and larger jobs as per quote.